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Work opportunities and quality of life. There are a number of possibilities to work as a student: you can apply directly to vacant positions published online, in 5 Call Centres / outsourcing companies where you can work part time, or via personnel recruitment companies and students NGOs that can help you fnd a job, adequate for your student schedule. While salaries are smaller compared to what you encounter in other EU countries, do note that these are in line with living costs and have been rising at over 10% per year (in real terms) over the past few years. The nightlife can also be quite exciting, especially in the big universities cities which tremble of festivals (music, flm or food) all year-long. In terms of life quality, Romania is ranked number 48 in the world in air quality by World Health Organisation. You will also be living and studying in one of the safest countries in Europe, with the crime rates among the lowest in Europe and no acts of political violence or terrorism having been registered for decades. The 210 sunny days per year give us plenty of opportunities to enjoy the time outdoors, with diferent activities for each season!
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